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WE are a 10-member start-up group, with serious interests and passion towards building apps. Founded by a father-son duo, Shall-I is a very ambitious project and aspires to be a trendsetter by creating a marketplace for services, connecting people who are in need of services for a financial reward.

With Shall-I, we envisage a beautiful eco-system, around a neighbourhood, where one depends on the other, for mutual benefits. Offering a unique platform, with over a 1000 skill options, Shall-I encourages its users to explore and exploit both sides of the coin. One person’s need could be another person’s deed! Thus, the brand is all about connecting people through skills & services! Multiply that by pinching circles around your neighbourhood, extending them to your city; and then to your state; and finally to your country. At the end, we have one ecosystem, which is devoid of all tags!

We believe that the Indian market is one of the finest, in terms of people with untapped skills. Imagine a platform which allows you to pick your strengths, render a service, seek one back for yourself, and also make some money?! Well, that’s Shall-I for you.

Take a look at our app; tell us what you think; help us get better! Let’s hear you saying ‘Shall-I’ soon!

Investor Corner

Shall-I is just the beginning of our team’s long-term vision. We aspire to be pioneers in creating marketplaces and eco-systems for many such basic, day-to-day needs. Service was just one, but the neighbourhood out there we believe, has many such, awaiting our footprints.

Having bootstrapped our flagship venture, our imaginations were on shoe-string, and explorations were tightened. Our angel investor taught us to think beyond means, but helped us find our way back into reality, in order to achieve a successful execution.

Shall-I is up and about, but this is just a mere beginning. We are not done already. We are tireless when it comes to churning out ideas, but we cannot be alone in the game. We need more stakeholders with an appetite for risks, in order to churn better returns.

If you wish to be a part of our journey, playing important and significant roles, please call us. Our team will be very happy and excited to share our dreams and ambitions about the future.

We can be reached on +91-8754479794 or kindly drop a mail at ir@shall-i.com

Thank you

Team Shall-I


At Shall-I, opportunities are at plenty. If you wish to contribute or join the team, please send a us a quick note on your interests and strengths, along with your resume to careers@shall-i.com. We will be delighted to have more hands.


Senior design experts
If you have a natural flair for ideas and a fine hand with the tools, then you could be a part of us.

Marketing executives
We need more mouths and more faces for the team. If you can speak away to glory, call us right away.

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